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Industrial and Manufacturing Profile

The industry accounts for about 25% of Zimbabwe's GDP, but the country is experiencing a phase of de-industrialization and the rise of the informal economy. The textile industry in particular continues to decline, suffering from competition from clothing and cheap product imports. Mining dominates the industrial sector, the country has abundant mineral resources such as platinum, chrome, diamonds, gold, nickel, coal, iron, etc. Outside the mining sector, the main industries are timber, chemicals and agribusiness. Key industrial players include Anglo American Platinum Ltd., Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd., Rio Tinto Plc, Aquarius Platinum and British American Tobacco Zimbabwe Ltd.

Sector-specific professional associations

26 professional associations listed for Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwean Marketplaces

Sample of marketplaces incorporated in Zimbabwe (A to Z)


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Upcoming Trade shows in Zimbabwe

February 25th, 2025
Aeronautics, aero spatial - Aerospace - Naval construction, boating - Transportation, logistics, handling - Air transport, airports - Maritime transport, river transport, cruises - Road transport - Rail transport - Logistics, handling - Freight

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