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Main Useful Means of Transport
According to the latest data provide by Bureau of Transportation Statistics, in 2018 the U.S. transportation system moved a daily average of about 51.0 million tons of freight valued at more than $51.8 billion. Water is the leading transportation mode for U.S.-international freight trade. Ships moved 41.9 percent of the value (nearly $1.8 trillion) and 70.9 percent of the weight (1.6 billion tons) in 2018. Air freight, which accounted for 0.3 percent by weight, was the second largest mover of goods by value (27.5 percent), accounting for $1.16 trillion. Truck moved 10.4 percent of total freight and 18.4 percent of total value.  Trucking was the primary mover from and to Canada and Mexico, followed by rail. Together, rail and pipeline accounted for about 6.0 percent of the total value and 17.3 percent of the total weight of U.S.-international freight trade. The top 25 U.S.-international freight gateways, measured by value of shipments in 2017, consist of 10 water ports, 5 land-border crossings, and 10 air gateways.

All coasts of the country have advanced, highly computerised ports, automated for a fast distribution of the goods (especially in containers); some of them offer a direct connection towards waterways. The Port of Los Angeles is the leading U.S.-international freight gateway (water), moving $214.8 billion in cargo.

After deregulation in the 1980s, the railway freight market has rapidly expanded and increased more than 40%. Regional oil shipments by rail increased, on average, from less than 1 percent of all regional shipments in 2010 to over 7 percent in 2019.
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