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Business law in Slovenia

Legal Framework

Independence of Justice
Judiciary in Slovenia is largely independent, though it is overburdened with cases which may take long time to close.
Equal Treatment of Nationals and Foreigners
Yes, the discrimination based on nationality, race, sex, language, religion, political or other beliefs, financial wealth, social status, education or any other personal characteristic is prohibited by the constitution.
The Language of Justice
The judicial language used in the country is Slovenian.
Recourse to an Interpreter
Having an interpreter is possible.
Sources of the Law and Legal Similarities
The main source of the law is the constitution of 1991 and - being a member of the EU - the conditions of the Community legislation.
Checking National Laws Online
Official Slovenian Gazzette website where all the laws are published (in Slovene only)
National Assembly website on legislation
French, German and English translation of the Constitution of Slovenia
English translation of the constitution and law on courts

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