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The distribution network in the Seychelles

Evolution of the Sector
The distribution sector in Seychelles is primarily composed of small and medium-sized enterprises that operate in retail, wholesale, and logistics. The retail sector is the largest component of the distribution sector, with a wide variety of shops and supermarkets offering everything from basic necessities to luxury goods. Many of these retailers source their products from overseas and operate on a cash-and-carry basis. The wholesale sector is also important, providing essential goods and supplies to retailers and other businesses.
Due to the country's small size and limited population, the distribution sector in Seychelles is relatively small compared to other countries.
According to the latest available data from the Seychelles National Bureau of Statistics, in the first semester of 2022, the turnover of the wholesale and retail sector was estimated at SCR 825.6 million by the NBS (compared to SCR 596.9 million in the same period one year earlier), accounting for 6.9% of GDP. In the same period, the countribution of the transportation and storage sector reached 3.4% of the country's GDP.
Market share
The main supermarket chains in Seychelles include: SPAR (which owns several outlets, including two in Victoria), STC Hypermarket (owned by Seychelles Trading Company, a state-owned enterprise), Chez Rosette (a local supermarket chain with two stores in Seychelles, one in Anse Aux Pins and one in Baie Lazare), K-Market (a small supermarket chain with two stores inVictoria).
Retail Sector Organisations
Retailers Association of Seychelles (RAS)

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