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Consumer Profile
The average Senegalese consumer has very limited purchasing power. However, the emergence of an upper-middle-class has led to the development of supermarket chains, mostly international ones. Here, the consumer with a high purchasing power can buy foreign products, with a preference for American and French products. Euromonitor International identifies Senegal as one of the twenty “markets of the future” that will offer the most opportunities for consumer goods companies globally.
Unlike most other countries of the region, where inflation and currency value erosion are the main drivers of nominal expansion, Senegal offers both price and currency stability.
Although Senegal is below the Sub-Saharan African average in terms of per capita expenditure, some individuals enjoy high-income levels and can afford a variety of goods and services. There are also big inequalities between rural and urban areas: as an example, in the country’s capital Dakar the per capita spending level is double that of the country’s average.
In Senegal, the median age is 19.4 years (CIA World Factbook, 2020 est.). When entering adulthood, these individuals will represent huge potential for the housing, durable goods, automotive and alcohol sectors.
Consumer Behaviour
The Senegalese have a habit of using mostly imported products such as rice and sugar which are basic ingredients. This anchorage to foreign products is explained by a lack of familiarity with local consumption. In principle, the local Senegalese prefers to buy imported products that they judge to be of the best quality.
The majority of retail trade in the country takes place in the informal sector. However, recent years were characterised by an emergence of supermarkets, which prompted an increase in official sales. The Senegalese women are big consumers of beauty and skin-care products and are attracted by American brands.
A growing number of young adults fuel the demand for modern homes. Therefore, the housing market is gradually transforming from sand-floor shacks to houses with access to water supply and electricity, resulting in an increasing demand for consumer appliances and home care products.
Consumers Associations
Association of the Consumers of Senegal (Ascosen)
Main Advertising Agencies
DGC NET: agency of advertising and marketing
Caractère Sénégal

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