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The distribution network in the Netherlands

Evolution of the Sector
The turnover of the Dutch retail sector was valued at EUR 45.1 billion in 2021 (USDA).     According to the latest data released by Statistics Netherlands (CBS), the Dutch retail sector recorded 0.7% year-on-year turnover growth in May 2022. The volume of sales went down by 5.4%. Turnover was up in both the food sector and the non-food sector. In May 2022, turnover in the non-food sector was up by 2.7% year-on-year. Shops selling food, beverages and tobacco achieved 1.3% more turnover in May 2022 than in the same month last year. Supermarkets saw a turnover growth of 1.2%, while turnover of specialist shops increased by 2.2%. Furthermore, online sales decreased by 8.4%.

In 2021, supermarkets continued to benefit from the Covid-19 pandemic-induced closures. Both Albert Heijn and Jumbo gained market shares during the pandemic, while discounters did not benefit from the pandemic (Fresh Plaza).

Approximately 75% of the Dutch food retail outlets are full service supermarkets, operating on floor space between 500 and 1,500 square meters, located downtown and in residential areas. Retailers with full service supermarkets have responded to the need of the Dutch to have these supermarkets close to their homes. The remaining 25% includes mainly convenience stores (near office buildings, city centre, motorways and train/metro stations), some wholesalers and just a few superstores (conveniently located in shopping malls and industrial parks) (USDA).
Market share
The Dutch retail industry is rather consolidated. In 2021, the main actors are :

•    Albert Hejin, 35.9% market shares
•    Superunie, 26.4% market shares
•    Jumbo Groep, 21.8% market shares
•    Lidl, 10.7% market share
•    Aldi Holding, 5.2% market shares (USDA)

Most of the food retail stores are full-service supermarkets.  In addition there are some department stores (HEMA and Bijenkorf), convenience stores, gas markets (On the Run/Snack & Shop Shell Station, GO shops – the fresh way, Café Bonjour, and Wild Bean Café) and wholesalers (De Kweker, Sligro, Makro, Bidfood, VHC – Horesca, Hanos, and Zegro) that all sell food products.

Retail Sector Organisations
Dutch Food Retail Association

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