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With over 32.8 million Mozambicans (IMF, 2021), 65.48% of whom are below 25 years old (CIA World Factbook, 2020 est.), and a high GDP growth, the Mozambique marketplace holds significant potential. According to the IMF, in 2021, the GDP per capita based on PPP for Mozambique is Int$ 1,290 (from USD 416.51 in 1998). However, low-income consumer segments dominate Mozambique. In fact, the benefits of such growth - largely driven by a series of megaprojects - have been mainly confined to resource boom enclaves and urban areas, only benefiting a small minority of Mozambicans, leaving most of the rural population in a similar situation to that of a decade ago.
Although six out of ten Mozambicans live in rural areas, the urban population growth is faster than the rural population growth. Currently, women are more numerous than men (51.4% against 48.6%, respectively in 2019 - World Bank, latest data available).
Consumer Behaviour
Mozambicans tend to shop at traditional trade points such as kiosks, tabletops, container stores and open markets. In bigger cities, especially the capital Maputo, shopping malls are becoming more popular, as they are not only seen as a place to shop, but also an entertainment location.
Mozambican consumers are keen to try new products, with affordability being the key purchase factor. According to a survey by Nielsen, Mozambicans are not willing to pay more for customized products, they believe that they should have limited desires, and prefer spending time at home with family to going out with friends. Mozambicans, the youth, in particular, can feel strongly that traditional values and cultural pressures inhibit them from leading a free lifestyle.
The e-commerce market is still in its infancy in Mozambique, as the vast majority of the population does not have access to credit or debit cards and therefore cannot shop online.  The lack of reliable shipping services to locations outside of the major cities is another factor that hampers e-commerce's growth.
Consumers Associations
Association for the Defense of Consumers of Mozambique
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Zwela Moçambique

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