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The distribution network in Madagascar

Evolution of the Sector
According to a 2018 report by Kantar TNS, the retail sector accounts for 44% of the Malagasy market. In fact, consumers in Madagascar still prefer to shop from small local stores, which reach a penetration level of 97% (people shopping there at least once every month). Traditional market places have a much lower penetration rate (around 20% - the main names being Analakely, Isotry, Anosibe and Andravoahangy).
Proximity is the most important purchasing factor for Malagasy consumers, together with prices. The big supermarket chains generally apply a higher commercial margin with respect to developed countries as a result of the lower economies of scale and competition. The main chains are French (Score, Leader Price, Supermaki), South African (Shoprite), Chinese (Horizon Ivato/Sogecoa), and Mauritian (Courts).
In the future, supermarkets are expected to keep growing, increasing their proximity level with the opening of new outlets, and thus their market share.
Market share

Although there are no exact figures about retail market share, the main supermarket chains in Madagascar include:

Retail Sector Organisations
Groupement des Entreprises de Madagascar (GEM)

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