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Main Useful Means of Transport
Ivory Coast has two autonomous ports: Abidjan and San Pedro. Although the autonomous port of Abidjan is expanding, it has lost its position as the leading Franc Zone port to the advantage of Dakar, but it continues to occupy a particular place in West Africa. A major part of Burkina Faso and Mali's exports transits this port.

Regarding external air links, Côte d'Ivoire only has one international airport, in Abidjan, but it has 27 other airports for domestic flights.

The railway network in Côte d'Ivoire links Abidjan and Ouagadougou. This line handles international traffic with Burkina Faso. It carries passengers and freight.

The railway carries most of the exports of cocoa, coffee and other agricultural products.
Autonomous Port of Abidjan
Abidjan Airport (in French)
Sea Transport Organisations
Ministry of Transport
Air Transport Organisations
National Civil Aviation Authority
Road Transport Organisations
Ministry of Transport
Rail Transport Organisations
Ministry of Transport

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