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Arrange transport of goods to and from Guatemala

Main Useful Means of Transport
The road network is in the middle of expansion. It is becoming modern and allowing for a much wider capacity of goods circulation: Of note is the price of fuel in Guatemala which is much cheaper.  The railroad network counts for only 800km of tracks and is highly inadequate. It is only used to move agricultural products towards the departure port:  The 5 main ports are: Santo Thomas de Castille for containers; Puerto Barrios on the Atlantic, Puerto San Jose for liquids, Puerto Quetzal for grains and Champerico for peaches.  Santo Thomas de Castillo is the most important port with regard to industrial merchandise volume.  Pueto Quetzal has the most modern equipment.  These two ports alone have a total of 80% of the maritime traffic.
National Port Commission of Guatemala
Guatemala Directorate of Civil Aviation (in Spanish)
Mundos Maya international airport (Stanta Elena)
Sea Transport Organisations
CPN - Guatemala
Ministry of transports
Air Transport Organisations
National Directorate for Transport
Road Transport Organisations
Ministry of Transports.
Rail Transport Organisations
Ministry of Transports

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