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Main Useful Means of Transport
Greece has approximately 40,000 kilometres of roads. Of them, 31,000 kilometres are part of the regional network, while the remaining 9,000 constitute the main road network. Greece has embarked on a massive programme of public works, which are co-funded by the EU. Examples of the scope of these projects include the Patras-Thessaloniki highway, the second longest motorway in the country with a length of 550 km, as well as the Egnatia highway from Igoumenitsa to Alexandroupoli. Road transport is used for a significant portion of the goods transported domestically, whereas most of the exported/imported goods are transported by sea.

According to data by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT), in the first nine months of 2019 freight traffic at Greek ports reached 121.72 million tonnes (with a growth of 3.3% year-on-year), of which 25.11 million tonnes of national traffic (-0.1%) and 96.61 million tonnes of international traffic (+4.2%).
The main ports are Piraeus (the chief port of the greater metropolitan area of Athens), Patras (the main point of departure for destinations along the Adriatic) and Thessaloniki (the main port for cargo traffic to the Balkans and the Black Sea).

Greece has 2,500 kilometres of railway on two main routes: Athens-Thessaloniki and Athens-Corinth-Patras-Kalamata. The state-owned Hellenic Railways Organisation (OSE) controls the railways and has begun a gradual program of modernising and expanding the existing network in cooperation with the EU. Rail transport accounts for 4% of passenger traffic and 1% of the freight transported.

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