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Gabon has a population of around 2.13 million people, with a GDP per capita estimated at USD 8,600 by the IMF (2021). The living standard is generally higher than the regional levels, and the country is classified as upper-middle-income by the World Bank. The Gabonese consumers are relatively young: according to data by the CIA, the proportion of children below the age of 14 is 36.45%, 21.9% of the population is between 15 and 24, 32.48% between 25 and 54, while only 9.1% are 55 or older; and it is equally split between men and women (2020 est.).
The population density is relatively low, however, most of the people are concentrated in urban areas (especially in the capital Libreville): about 89.7% of the population are urban dwellers (World Bank, 2019 latest data available), also thanks to the fact the most of the country's territory is covered with rainforests. Though the GDP per capita is almost quadruple than that of most African countries, purchasing power is concentrated, with around-one third of the population live below the poverty line (CIA World Factbook, latest data available).
Consumer Behaviour
Generally, price is the main purchasing factor for Gabonese consumers. However, the country has one of the highest income per capita and there is a middle class - comprised mainly of governmental employees - that is growing and whose tastes are more sophisticated: while still paying attention to the price, they prefer to have a wider range of choice. Proximity and availability are also important aspects of the Gabonese consumer purchasing habits (Gabon is the country in Sub-Saharan Africa with the highest rate of population living in urban areas). Most of the household spending is destined for food and basic needs, and the majority of products commercialized in the country are imported. According to Coface’s report on Sub-Saharan Africa, Gabon is the country with the highest potential in terms of the household consumption market in the area.
The high-end products’ market has been growing in recent years (for example, Gabon is the third-largest importer of champagne in Africa, and according to data by the WHO the country is also the main consumer of beer in the whole continent).
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