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The distribution network in Gabon

Evolution of the Sector
There are currently no accurate figures about the size of the retail market in Gabon. Supermarkets started developing in the 1990s, and though informal channels like open-air markets, convenience stores and kiosks still dominate the market, modern retailers (both African and international) have been growing over the last decade. According to the agency in charge for the implementation of the Emerging Gabon strategic plan, in fact, the global turnover of the retail sector increased by 80% between 2009 and 2015, with investments reaching XOF 93,6 billion. The Gabonese market is attractive for several reasons: rising incomes should increase household spending capacity, the competitive pressures are not too strong yet, the demand for imported products is growing (the vast majority of food products consumed in Gabon are imported).
The formal sector is dominated by three groups: Ceca-Gadis, Prix Import, and Sodigab. The largest share of retail sales and outlet is concentrated in Libreville and Port-Gentil. Ceca-Gadis in particular is the fourth African private group of the retail sector and the first one in Gabon.
Market share

Supermarket chains in Gabon include:

  • Casino Supermarkets
  • Géant Casino-Mbolo
  • Prix Import
  • San Gel
  • Score
  • SuperGros
  • Viga Supermarkets
Retail Sector Organisations
Confédération Patronale du Gabon (CPG)

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