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Ethiopia follows Nigeria as the second most populous nation in Africa, with 102 million people and two major ethnic groups (Oromo and Amhara) that make about 60% of the population. Almost 65% of the population is under the age of 25, and 2 million people are added to the workforce every year. GDP per capita (PPP) was estimated at USD 2,160 in 2017 by the IMF, however there is still an income disparity between urban and rural populations (the latter reported at 80.08 % in 2016, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators). Regarding gender, Ethiopian consumers are equally divided between men and women (99.7 males per 100 females).
Consumer Behaviour
For Ethiopian consumers price is the main key purchasing factor, however for some food products prices are imposed by the government. Moreover, government policies to contrast food poverty and stimulate the economy have resulted in strong growth in sales of a few staple foodstuffs, while the range of packaged food being sold in the country is still limited, though it is expanding as the tastes of wealthier consumers become more sophisticated, especially in urban areas. According to a survey by Nielsen, food and grocery account for almost 40% of monthly household spending. In the same survey, Nielsen found that the three major consumer segments account for close to 60% of Ethiopian respondents: the first one (17% of respondents) is composed by young urban dwellers with an above-average income, which are willing to pay more for quality and represent a breeding ground for launching or growing brands; the second one (25%) is formed mainly by students in peri–urban areas, who have affordability and availability as main concerns when making a purchase decision; and the third one made of traditional, family–oriented and religious individuals, who value affordability and are open to recommendation (16% of respondents).
Consumers Associations
Ethiopian Consumers Protection Association
Main Advertising Agencies
Berry Advertising Agency
Alliance Media
Cactus Communication

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