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With a GDP per capita of USD 16,250 (IMF, 2021), the Croatian consumer is less wealthy than their Western European counterparts but also richer than all other nations in the Balkans except for Slovenia. The Croatian population is ageing and shrinking slightly with a median age higher than the EU average (43.9 years as opposed to 43.1 years) and a net growth rate of -0.48% (CIA World Factbook, 2020 and 2021 est.).

Croatians spend as much as 18.3% of their budget on food, one of the highest rates among EU member states (Eurostat, 2019 latest data available). On the other hand, housing expenditure is less significant than the EU average (16.2% as opposed to 23.5% - Eurostat, 2019 latest data available).

The income inequality within different regions and social groups is somewhat greater than the EU average, but not too high within the global context, with the country having a Gini index of 29.3 points according to the World Bank's latest data available.
Consumer Behaviour
While Croatia is one of the wealthiest countries in the Balkans, Croatian consumers remain price-sensitive and are not particularly open to new brands entering the market. After struggling with years of recession, Croatian consumers are now able to increase their spending and have renewed optimism in their economy. The Economic Sentiment Indicator (ESI) hit its highest level (118.8 out of 100) in February 2018 since the European Commission has been monitoring this indicator for Croatia.

Croatian consumers prefer local brands when shopping from traditional retail stores, however, they have a strong preference for international online retailers (40%f Internet users buy mostly from foreign websites) (ITA, 2019 latest data available). Nonetheless, e-commerce is far from reaching maturity as enterprises only generate 14% of their revenues through this medium (EU average 20%) (Eurostat, 2020).
Consumers Associations
National Consumer Protection Council
Croatian Association for Consumer Protection
Main Advertising Agencies
McCann Zagreb
Bruketa Zinic
BBDO Croatia
Hype Zagreb

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