Chad flag Chad: Buying and Selling

The distribution network in Chad

Evolution of the Sector
The retail market in Chad is still in its infancy. In fact, most of the country’s population is active in subsistence farming, hence cultivate their own food. For the groceries that cannot be cultivated directly, Chadians prefer to buy from neighbours or in local markets: the latter, in particular, are a social event, with the villages getting crowded on market days.
The group Foberd (from Cameroun) claims to have a retail market share of 65% in the country, with three outlets in Djamena, Moundou and Dembé. However, reliable figures on the Chadian market are not available. Other chains are Alimentation Générale, Alimentation La Tchadienne, La Gastronomie and Modern Market.
Market share
Foberd Tchad (Fokou group)
Alimentation Générale
Alimentation La Tchadienne
La Gastronomie
Modern Market

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