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Industrial and Manufacturing Profile

The industrial sector represents 30% of economic activity in Bulgaria and employs 30% of the active population.  Principal industrial activities are centered on electricity, gas, chemical products, nuclear energy and the petroleum industry.

Sector-specific professional associations

46 professional associations listed for Bulgaria.

Bulgarian multisector Business directories

All.biz - Bulgaria - Directory of companies in Bulgaria

Bulgaria Trade Directory - Bulgaria trade directory

Expat.com - Bulgarian business directory

Findbiz.gr - Business directory for Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia

Invest Bulgaria - Bulgarian business directory

PRLOG Business - Bulgarian business directory

Bulgarian Marketplaces

Sample of marketplaces incorporated in Bulgaria (A to Z)


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Upcoming Trade shows in Bulgaria

April 23rd, 2024
Furnishings, household equipment and arts - Furnishings, household equipment and arts: unspecified - Furnishings - Household equipment - Machine tools, agricultural machinery - Hardware, tools, accessories - Professional hardware - Processed wood
April 24th, 2024
Education, training - Primary and secondary education - Higher Education - Learning - Technical education, vocational education - Vocational training - Social science - Social studies - Job training, unemployment
April 26th, 2024
Hygiene, perfumes, cosmetics - Hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy - Aesthetics, hairdressing - Home services
May 1st, 2024
Cereals, spices, tobacco
May 1st, 2024
Agriculture - Breeding - Horticulture, forestry, forest - Horticulture - Forestry, forest - Fruits and vegetables - Machine tools, agricultural machinery
May 14th, 2024
Audio-visual, sound, video - Cinema - Multimedia - Radio, television - Insurance, mutual funds, pension funds - Banks - Investment funds, other financial institutions - Stock Exchange, investments - Financing, aid - Databases - Computers, telecommunications - Equipment - Networks - Telecommunications - Internet, cybersecurity - Digital solutions, Mobile applications - Collections, hobbies, hobby
May 29th, 2024
Health, medicine - Medical professions - Hospital - Pharmacies, analysis laboratories - Dental - Medical Equipment - Technique and technology
May 29th, 2024
Health, medicine - Medical professions - Hospital - Medical Equipment - Aesthetics, hairdressing
June 1st, 2024
Automobiles, lorries - Automobile manufacturing, lorries - Automobile subcontracting, lorries - Embedded systems
June 5th, 2024
Armament, arms - Industry service - Cleaning, surveillance, protection

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