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With a GDP per capita of USD 11,320 (IMF, 2021), the Bulgarian consumer is the poorest in the EU, but wealthier than most other nations in the Balkans. Bulgaria has an ageing and shrinking population as; in 2020, youth aged 0-24 accounted for 23.92% (est.) of the total population and in 2021 the natural growth rate is -0.67% (CIA World Factbook).
The consumer market is characterised by significant income inequalities with Bulgaria having the highest Gini index score among EU member states (40 points in 2020 - Eurostat).
Consumer Behaviour
Strong wage increases coupled with steady economic growth have reshaped the spending habits of Bulgarian consumers over recent years. City-dwellers in particular show growing interest in dining out as well as healthy and organic products (17% of Bulgarians state they have a strong interest in healthy lifestyles according to a national representative study - Knoema, latest data available). Bulgarian consumers prefer buying from local stores near where they live or work, despite the increasing presence of hypermarkets and general retailers (mostly of German origin).
Online shopping is also increasingly popular among Bulgarian consumers and it is expected that the compound annual growth rate for the next four years (2021-2025) will be 12.74%. The eCommerce market had a revenue of USD 712 million in 2020. More than half of the online population (58.3%) is expected to shop online by 2025 (Statistica). Nonetheless, e-commerce has considerable growth potential as its share in enterprises’ revenues is only 11%, the lowest in the EU (Eurostat - 2020).
Consumers Associations
Bulgarian National Consumers Association (BNACC)
Main Advertising Agencies
Wunderman Thompson
Dentsu Digital Camp

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