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The distribution network in Benin

Evolution of the Sector
The retail market in Benin has been growing in recent years, especially in the area of Porto Novo and Cotonou. In fact, outside of bigger towns most Beninese still buy from local markets (for the food that they cannot cultivate themselves by subsistence farming). The majority of products sold in supermarkets are imported and thus more expensive: for this reason, the clientele is composed mainly by civil servants and other members of the middle class, who have a higher disposable income. In general, Beninese buy essential products in local markets, and non-basic products (like meat, cosmetics, etc.) in supermarkets.
Erevan Bénin is the biggest chain in the country, and it operates in partnership with the French firm Carrefour.
Market share

The main supermarket chains active in Benin include:

  • Attidza
  • CBND
  • Erevan Hypermarché
  • Étoile
  • Mayfair
  • Megamart
  • Starlight
  • Unidis
  • Yamaya Supermarché
Retail Sector Organisations
National Confederation of Benin's Employers (CONEB)

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