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The Belarusian economy has been struggling recently (particularly because of the negative influence of the Ukrainian economic and political situation), causing a decrease in consumers’ disposable incomes. As a consequence, consumers have altered their spending habits, constantly looking for promotions and in many cases delaying purchases, particularly of durable goods. New taxes on products bought abroad have affected the popular activity of cross-border shopping.
The wages vary significantly between the capital Minsk and the countryside. In urban areas, in particular, a well-off middle class is emerging. In addition, there is the emergence of a rather wealthy middle-class. The ageing population trend is expected to have a significant impact on consumption patterns.
Consumer Behaviour
In Belarus, numerous markets remain regulated by state intervention, which creates distortions and shortages.
The middle class has enough purchasing power to buy leisure goods is a minority, as, in 2021, the gross average wage is BYN 1,290 per month (National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus). People in the capital Minsk generally enjoy better salaries (around BYN 1,849 per month in 2021 - National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus), though the cost of living is also higher.
The majority of Belarusians are still struggling financially, spending long hours at work and consuming a high-fat and low-fibre traditional diet, which has led to a rise in chronic illnesses.
Online shopping is growing with domestic and Chinese retailers the most popular sites. Social media can influence consumer habits and attitudes.
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