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Main Useful Means of Transport
Bangladesh has one of the best water transport systems in the region and it accounts for two thirds of freight transport in the country. The main ports (Chittagong, Mongla) provide container services in addition to regular and auxiliary services. Small river ports, located throughout the country, serve smaller industrial and commercial sites. The road freight transport between towns and villages is possible by trucks. The rail network provides mainly passenger transport, but it is also used for freight. Finally, cargo can also be transported by air.
Land ports (Chalna, Khulna, Dhaka)
Hazrat Shah Jalal International Airport (Dhaka)
Shah Amanat International Airport (Chittagong)
Osmani International Airport (Sylhet)
Sea Transport Organisations
Bangladesh Land Port Authority
Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority
Ministry of Shipping
Mongla Port Authority
Air Transport Organisations
Civil Aviation Authority
Road Transport Organisations
Bangladesh Road Transport Authority
Bangladesh Bridge Authority
Rail Transport Organisations
Bangladesh Railway

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