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Manufacturing in Austria is technologically advanced, innovative and globally competitive. More than 1 million people now work in the sector, which contributes to 12% of the country’s GDP. Advanced manufacturing now accounts for around half of Austria’s manufacturing output and includes aerospace, automotive, machinery, tooling, instruments, chemicals, plastics and many other products with a high degree of transformation.
The sector has made significant efficiency gains in recent years as a result of investment in technology development, industrial relations reform and a reduction in tariffs.
The industrial sector constitutes 25.7% of Austria's GDP (World Bank).

Sector-specific professional associations

79 professional associations listed for Austria.

Austrian multisector Business directories

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Austrian Marketplaces

Sample of marketplaces incorporated in Austria (A to Z)



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Upcoming Trade shows in Austria

April 23rd, 2024
Painting, door and window frames, wall and floor coverings - Mechanical, precision - Machine tools, agricultural machinery - Hardware, tools, accessories - Professional hardware - Raw materials, materials, metals - Metallurgy, steel, foundry - Engineering - Logistics, handling
April 23rd, 2024
Mechanical, precision - Mechanical, precision: unspecified - Machine tools, agricultural machinery - Robotics - Precision, measures, optics, watches - Hardware, tools, accessories - Professional hardware - Metallurgy, steel, foundry - Industry service - Software - Cleaning, surveillance, protection
April 25th, 2024
Construction, real estate, architecture and urban planning - Architecture - Land planning, urban planning - Construction, public works - Masonry, carpentry, pipework - Waterproofing, roofing, plumbing, carpentry - Painting, door and window frames, wall and floor coverings - Electrical installations - Heating, air conditioning, ventilation - Sanitary equipment, kitchen, swimming pool - Real estate
May 14th, 2024
Painting, door and window frames, wall and floor coverings - Chemistry, pharmacy - Plastics, rubber - Paints, glues, fertilisers, oils
June 5th, 2024
Land planning, urban planning - Construction, public works - Natural resource management, ecology - Pollution - Urban and industrial waste - Water treatment - Automobiles, lorries - Automobile manufacturing, lorries - Renewable energy - Industry service - Databases - Software - Services - Digital solutions, Mobile applications - Embedded systems - Cleaning, surveillance, protection - Recycling
June 10th, 2024
Ministry, consulate, embassy - Territorial administration - Cleaning, surveillance, protection
June 19th, 2024
Energy - Electrical equipment - Electronic equipment and components - Software - Embedded systems - Services and business consulting - Accounting, taxation - Management - Translation - Legal
June 24th, 2024
Fisheries, aquaculture, fish farming - Fish and seafood
June 25th, 2024
Land planning, urban planning - Construction, public works - Marketing - Incentive - Commercial property, patents, trademarks - Transportation, logistics, handling - Air transport, airports - Maritime transport, river transport, cruises - Road transport - Rail transport - Logistics, handling - Freight - e-commerce
August 23rd, 2024
Dance - Masonry, carpentry, pipework - Real estate - Furnishings, household equipment and arts - Furnishings, household equipment and arts: unspecified - Furnishings - Household equipment - Toys, games, gifts - Paramedic - Hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy - Home services - Products and services for weddings - Products and services for children - Funeral products & services - Water sports, mountain - Team sports - Outdoor sports - Equestrian sports - Motorsports - Individual sports - Collections, hobbies, hobby - Amusement parks, fairgrounds - Gardens, parks - Hotels, accommodation - Restaurants, home deliveries - Cafes, bars, nightclubs - Travel, exhibitions, incentives - Monuments, tourist attractions - Camping, resorts - Products and services for seniors - Home repairs, DIY

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