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Per capita income in Albania has risen steadily for a decade, however the population still enjoys a low level of salaries by European standards. In 2019, the GDP per capita was USD 5,353 according to the World Bank (latest data available). Though accurate statistics for market-size are not generally available, the country has a growth rate of private consumption which is constantly rising (in constant prices).

The country remains a predominately cash economy and credit cards in Albania are used mainly in major grocery stores, restaurants, hotels and department stores. The use of debit cards has increased significantly in recent years, but it is still used more for withdrawing money rather than making payments.
Consumer Behaviour
For Albanian consumers price is a decisive, primordial factor in the purchasing process and they actively seek bargains. Prices are set by the market with a few exceptions, such as electricity, which is regulated.  The government also defines the margin of various entities in the distribution chain of pharmaceuticals.

Albanian consumers are sensitive to advertisement. All forms of media, including television, newspapers, magazines, radio, and outdoor billboards are used, however television remains the predominant medium. To a lesser extent, trade shows, sales promotion literature, and event sponsorship are also used to advertise goods and services. Trade events and fairs are effective promotion channels for industrial products.

Sales support and customer service are relatively undeveloped as marketing tools, nevertheless providing such services can determine a plus. E-commerce is in its infancy with only a limited number of domestic merchants offering this option in Albania.
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Albanian Consumer Association
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