Frequently Asked Questions

Technical queries

Where can I find a glossary of terms?

A glossary of terms can be found here.

Product and Services

I can not find the product or service I require?

There are two recommended methods to locate a product or service.

  • Keyword Search bar
  • Directory Code Search bar

However, if you are still not able to locate the product or service you require, please refer to our directory, found here.

In what order are the products or services listed?

The products and services are listed according to the Standard International Trade Classification. This classification lists products and services in order of their least to most transformed state. To this effect, raw goods (vegetables, livestock etc) are listed before manufactured/processed goods (electronics, furniture).
The full listing can be found here.

Portal Help

How can I register?

In order to use the Portal, users must be registered. Registration can be completed via the Home Screen and completing the details requested. An email link will be sent to you to validate your profile. Access will then be available immediately.

I have forgotten my username or password. What do I do?

If you can not remember your log on details, please use the Forgotten Password option to reset.
If you continue to experience problems logging in, contact us for assistance using this short form.

My trial period has expired, how can I continue to use this service?

We are pleased that you wish to continue using this service. In order to extend your access period or establish permanent access (if you are a banking client) please contact us.

How do I change my contact details?

You are able to amend your personal details via the 'My Account' tab found by clicking on your Username at the top of each page when logged in to the portal.

Why can I not see the list of Importers/Exporters without logging in?

Users who have not yet registered or are expired can not see this content. We provide a trial period so that non-bank clients can experience some of the benefits.

The link I require is broken?

Whilst every effort is made to monitor the validity of any links we provide to external websites, very occasionally you may encounter a website that no longer exists. If you have spotted an instance of this you wish to highlight to us, please use our contact form.

Where will I find any messages generated from the ITP team (inbox)?

Each user will have an inbox for messages found under the ‘My Messages’ tab of their account. This can be accessed by clicking on their Username at the top of each page when logged in to the Portal.

How do I set up or cancel alerts?

Each user can create up to 5 alerts to receive notification of new/amended information on reports of their choice.
Alerts can be configured under the ‘Alerts’ tab of their account accessed by clicking on their Username at the top of each page when logged in to the Portal.
Alternatively, alerts can be created directly from the ‘Business Alerts’ and ‘Industry Alerts’ pages.

How can I add/remove users within my company/organisation?

You can only do this if you are the designated Admin User for your organisation. Typically the Admin User role is assigned to the first user of each organisation to register on the portal unless re-assigned to another user. If you are the Admin User you can invite/remove users via the ‘Invitations’ tab accessed by clicking your username when logged in to the Portal.

How do I de-register?

Although we do not provide an option to de-register from the Portal, if you wish to cease using the portal prior at any point, please contact us using this short form.
Alternatively, if you are a trial user, your profile will expire and be removed from the database at the end of your trial period.
Bank clients will need to liaise with their Relationship Manager if you wish to have your details removed from the Portal's database.

Portal/Service Provider

The Website is managed by Eexpand, based in 1, rue de Stockholm 75008 Paris, France ("EE"), on behalf of Lloyds Bank Group.

About Eexpand

At Eexpand, we combine our experience in international trade and community networks with digital software solutions for businesses and SMEs. Our purpose is to improve the digital value proposition offered to business worldwide through a wealth of information on international trade. Our goal is to help business find new opportunities in global markets and increase trade efficiently.

Who supplies the data for this service?

The data found on this portal is provided by a wide range of contributors. The source of data is referenced at the end of each report.

Who will have access to my personal and business information?

Your personal and business information will only be used in accordance with the terms of use accepted at registration. Here is a reminder of the Terms of Use.

Assistance, Escalation or Complaints

Who do I contact for assistance?

Should you require assistance when using the Portal, please use our contact form found here. A response will be provided within one working day.

I wish to make a complaint, who I do contact?

If at any time you are not satisfied with the service provided, please contact us using the short form found here. A member of our team will contact you accordingly.

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