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Information about processing of personal data

When accessing the Website, the User's Personal Data is necessary for the provision of the services offered through the platform. The Personal Data will be processed for the purpose of registration of User ID's, customisation and administration of the services. The processed personal data is limited to User's title (compulsory), first name(compulsory), surname (compulsory), position (compulsory), email address (compulsory), password (compulsory), phone (optional).

Bank of Scotland plc shall be responsible for the control of the Personal Data on the Bank of Scotland International Trade Portal (ITP). Export Enterprises, a EU-based company, shall act as Processor of the Personal Data. Export Enterprises manages the Website and will only process Personal Data in accordance with Bank of Scotland's instructions. Other Users that are connected to the ITP platform will not receive User's Personal Data.

For further information about how Bank of Scotland plc processes personal data, please refer to

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